Grzegorz Junka (My first name in English is simply: Greg)

Software Consultant with 13-years' professional experience in implementing, testing and managing the development of mobile, server and web applications in all phases of their project's life cycles.

Availability: immediately;  present location: London, UK;  nationality: Polish;  aged: 38
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Mastering MFC Development Using Microsoft Visual C++, 2005.

Gained practical knowledge of designing and implementing GUI using ATL, ActiveX, COM, and Windows API.

Team management course, 2004.

Learned how to organize meetings, motivate a team, delegate work, and how to become a leader rather than a boss.

Master's degree in Computer Science, University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, 2001.

Vice Chancellor's diploma for excellent grades in 1st year – G.P.A. 4.9/6.0; Final grade 5 (UK equivalent of 2.1).

Professional History

October 2013 – March 2014 | Front End Developer | HeathWallace, Reading, UK

HeathWallace is a digital agency delivering engaging experiences for some of the largest global brands.

- Development of Dojo UI components for HSBC, one of the biggest banking and financial services company, using JavaScript / Dojo Toolkit, HTML5, CSS (including support for Android, iOS and Internet Explorer 8).

July 2012 – July 2013 | Software Consultant | Everything Everywhere (EE), Hatfield, UK

The company is the largest mobile network operator in the UK operating under the EE, Orange and T-Mobile brands.

- Full life-cycle development of an Operation Maintenance and Configuration web application for a Policy Decision Function (PDF) system using Erlang, Zotonic CMS, JavaScript (Dojo, jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 (Sass / Compass).
- Responsive design leveraging the MVC design pattern and PDF functions exposed as RESTful API using Twitter Bootstrap, Dojo widgets (including DGrid from Sitepen) and asynchronous client-side templates with Dustjs. - Responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap, asynchronous client-side templates with Dustjs (LinkedIn branch).
- Developed a complete releasing environment able to create and switch between local and embedded Erlang releases with custom per-server configuration files (created from Rebar templates) and minified CSS and JavaScript assets.

January 2012 – June 2012 | Senior Software Engineer | LoveThis, London, UK

LoveThis is a start-up with mission to allow their users to share recommendations with friends privately.

- Main developer responsible for the iPhone LoveThis application and its automatic TestFlight / HockeyApp crash reporting, Flurry analytics, Core Data migrations and Facebook integration (now available for free on App Store).
- Proposed and implemented a sync protocol which reduced the initial load of user data from the server by 80%.

January 2011 – September 2011 | Software Engineer | Penthera, Pittsburg, PA, USA / London, UK

Penthera's flagship product, Virtuoso, delivers high-quality video and audio to mobile devices.

- 3 months of iOS development, 3 months of Windows Phone development, 3 months of Erlang development.
- Worked on implementing and testing native Virtuoso client applications on iPhone and Windows Phone.
- Developed a complete Erlang-based library for writing thread-safe concurrent applications on Windows Phone.
- Proposed and delivered a complete performance testing environment written in Erlang and monitored with a Zabbix server that allowed to efficiently test a complex cluster of servers using only a low-profile virtual machine.

October 2009 – December 2010 | SDET | Microsoft – Azure Infrastructure Europe, Dublin, Ireland

Part of a team responsible for moving CDN BI logging infrastructure to Azure cloud computing platform.

- 15 months' experience in C#, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, Hyper-V and related Microsoft technologies.
- Installing testing environments, designing and implementing test cases, proposing and reviewing software designs.
- Gained practical knowledge of designing, implementing and testing highly-available and scalable cloud applications that receive terabytes of data from thousands of nodes and process that data in Windows Azure.
- Proposed a SSH-based technology to execute Visual Studio test cases remotely on FreeBSD and Linux systems.
- Identified and consulted key security requirements which prevented design changes early in the project.

July 2007 – January 2009 | Consultant | Symbian – Licensee Product Department, London, UK

The company provided expert consultancy services to mobile phone vendors and software companies.

- 1.5 years' experience in integrating Symbian components, investigating, fixing and documenting defects.
- Worked on implementing AT commands, porting a Linux/C application to Symbian using P.I.P.S.
- Fixed the most defects in a phone's software, expert in resolving issues where very little information is available.

December 2001 – June 2007 | Software Engineer / Team Leader at various companies:

EMCC Software in Manchester, UK | DataViz in Milford, CT, USA | ITSoft in Kraków, Poland

- 5 years of full life-cycle C++, PHP and Perl development of Symbian, Windows, Linux and web applications.
- Worked on multi-threaded applications and IPC algorithms using UDP, TCP/IP, XML, and BSD sockets.
- Maintained documentation; led seminars; collaborated with key customers, third party vendors, and licensees.
- Over 14 months' experience as a Team Leader, led a team of developers through all stages of project's life cycles.

Since July 2007 | Founder / Developer and Designer | Yoonka Limited, London, UK

Yoonka Ltd is my company set up for providing Consultancy Services. When I am not consulting I am working on my own projects that help me to stay current with technology and be ready for new ambitious challenges.

What I do in my free time: FreeBSD, Erlang, PostgreSQL, VMware technologies, Semantic Web (Description Logic, OWL, RDF), DITA documentation, ICONIX (an UML driven methodology), OLAP, and Data Warehousing.